Tourist Places

1. Khatri Pahar       2. Kalinjar Fort   3. Maheshwari Devi Temple

4. Nawab Tank           5. Bhuragarh Fort          6. Bamdeo Temple

Khatri Pahad Devi
Khatri Pahad

Shydha a small village lies about 24 km distant from Banda among the ravince close to the ken river. Nearby…

Navab Tank Banda.
Navab Tank Banda

Nawab tank is situated about 3 kms south of Banda City

कालिंजर किला
Kalinjar Fort

Kalinjar is a fortress-city in the Baghelkhand region of central India. Kalinjar is located in Banda District of Uttar Pradesh…

Bhuragarh fort Banda
Bhuragrah Fort

Bhuragrah Fort is situated at the bank of Ken river. Seeing the sunset from fort is a Pleasant and wonderful …

Bamdev Temple Banda
Bamdev Temple

The temple is said to derived its name from Bamdeo Rishi a sage mentioned in hindu mythology as a contemporary…